Repositories and literary archives in the region (Anglophone Caribbean)

Collections include the Caryl Philips Papers, Claude McKay’s Papers.

Collections at the BCA include, and are organised under, the following subjects:

Periodicals: (The Voice, New Nation, Black Voice, The Alarm: Awakening Our Nation; Flamingo);  Runnymede Periodicals, The Papers of Hansib (Publications); The Papers of BASA (Association for the Study of African, Caribbean and Asian Culture and History in Britain).

The Black Women’s Movement: Olive Morris Collection; Oral Histories of the Black Women’s Movement: The Heart of the Race; The Papers of Ansel Wong; The Papers of Stella Dadzie; The Papers of Jan McKenley.

V. S. Naipaul archive, Jean Rhys archive.

Collections include the Caribbean Artists Movement; John La Rose Collection; Negro Theatre Workshop; Personal Papers of John La Rose; the International Book Fairs of Radical, Black and Third World Books.

Holdings include Caribbean Plays Collection (creator Joseph Jones), Gabriel García Márquez Collection, Gabriel García Márquez Papers, Julia Alvarez Papers, Samuel Selvon Papers, Wilson Harris Collection.

Collections include the Huntley Archives (archive of Eric and Jessica Huntley, founders of Bogle-L’Ouverture) and Jessica Huntley Archives (personal correspondence, the 2014 Huntley Conference and records regarding her role and contributions to archives).

Dionne Brand fonds

C. L. R. James mss., ca. 1942-1974

Includes Austin Clarke’s fonds, Louise Bennett Coverley fonds

Literary manuscripts in the National Library: Miss Lou Archives (Louise Bennett); Una Marson Collection; Walter Roberts Archives; Antony C. Winkler Archives.

Holdings of literary manuscripts:  A.J. Seymour; N.E. Cameron

Manuscripts in the Special Collections: Richard B. Moore Collection; George Lamming Collection; The Olga Lopes Seale Archive.

The Thomas Fisher Rare Books Library is home to J. Edward Chamberlain Papers, Lorna Goodison Papers, Trinidad Theatre Workshop Papers and Derek Walcott Papers.

Some of the collections at the Schomburg Center include the Arthur Alfonso Schomburg Papers,  Alexis De Veaux/Audre Lorde Research Collection, Claude McKay Collection, Claude McKay Letters and Manuscripts, C.L.R. James Collection, C.L.R. James Letters, Eulalie Spence Papers, Marika Sherwood/Claudia Jones Research Material, Michael Anthony Papers, Letters, J.R. Casimer Papers, Piri Thomas Papers, Richard B. Moore Papers, The Claudia Jones Memorial Collection and Thomas Glave Papers (*closed until processed).

Literary manuscripts in the Special Collections: C.L.R. James Collection; Caribbean Voices Correspondence (copies acquired through the assistance of Professor Ken Ramchand, originals held at the Cadbury Research Library, University of Birmingham); Derek Walcott Collection; Earl Lovelace Manuscripts; Eric Roach Manuscripts; Irma Goldstraw Collection; Michael Anthony Papers; Monique Roffey Papers; Roger Mais Collection; Sam Selvon Collection; UWI Extra Mural Play Scripts.

Literary manuscripts in this collection: Michael Anthony; Erna Brodber; Wilson Harris Collection; John Hearne Papers; Roger Mais Papers; Orlando Patterson; Victor Stafford Reid Collection; Anthony “Tony” McNeil Papers; Derek Walcott.

Film Archives

The material available through the archive includes “recordings of drama productions and dance performances in Trinidad & Tobago in 1979-1982 period and beyond. Including plays of Derek Walcott and the Trinidad Theatre Workshop” as well as interviews with a number of Caribbean authors (source: Banyan Archives website). There are 14,000 records registered in their database.

Digital Collections, Libraries & Archives

An open access digital library offering resources from and about the Caribbean, across a variety of fields from literary and cultural studies to geography, history, politics and anthropology. The library is the product of a wide and collaborative network of partners and collaborators.

It offers a wide range of digital material: from live stream events and video archive, podcasts of events, oral histories, online exhibitions, library digital collections , images and illustrations.

From the CMP’s website: “The CMP functions as a public repository for texts-family archives, collections, found/discarded materials, and public databases-that begins to illustrate the range of documentary activity produced by (and about) Caribbean people and their descendants. Participants and the general public have direct and open access to this heritage database that may  be used for reflection, education, and research into the social histories of indigenous, native, and naturalized communities by local, regional, and transnational parties.”

The founders of The Caribbean Memory Project are Kevin Adonis Browne, PhD and Dawn Cumberbatch.

From their website: “The Caribbean studies collections at the Institute of Historical Research, the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies and Senate House libraries are some of the largest and most varied in the UK. They are transdisciplinary in scope, covering anthropology, archaeology, history, law, literature, social policy, sociology and political theory. // This guide was created by Dr Adom Philogene Heron on behalf of the Centre for Integrated Caribbean Research and The Institute of Latin American Studies. ” The Caribbean Studies Collection includes the C.L.R James Papers.

From website: “The Early Caribbean Digital Archive is an open access collection of pre-twentieth-century Caribbean texts, maps, and images. Texts include travel narratives, novels, poetry, natural histories, and diaries that have not been brought together before as a single collection focused on the Caribbean.”

Professor Nicole Aljoe and Professor Elizabeth Maddock Dillon are the co-directors of The Early Caribbean Digital Archive.

“This collaborative open access project aims to collect and make works by and on Martinican author Édouard Glissant (1928-2011) accessible to the public.” (The Library of Glissant Studies website)

Co-director and web designer: Jeanne Jégousso, co-director and archivist: Raphaël Lauro

A series of digitised VHS videos available open access via The University of Miami Libraries Digital Collections. The videos offer readings and presentations by Caribbean writers and academics who participated in the Caribbean Writers Summer Institute at the University of Miami. “In in 2002 the University of Miami Libraries, in collaboration with the Department of English, converted the tapes to web-based streaming media so that a wider audience might have the opportunity to enjoy the literary variety and cultural richness expressed in the writings of the participants.”

Other projects on Caribbean literature, memory and heritage

The Diasporic Archives Network aims to promote international collaboration in the preservation of, and access to, literary archives. This Leverhulme-funded research project has created an extensive outreach and collaborative partnerships with the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University; a prominent archivist from Trinidad and Tobago; the Centro per gli studi sulla tradizione manoscritta di autori moderni e contemporanei at the University of Pavia; the Institut Mémoires de l’édition contemporaine in France; and the National Library and Archives Service of Namibia.

Launched in 2010, The Caribbean Poetry Project brought together writers and leading scholars of poetry from Cambridge University and the University of the West Indies. The project strengthened collaborative ties, promoted the teaching and engagement with poetry at secondary level, and increased representation of Caribbean poets on the The Poetry Archive.

Is a project that focuses on the oral history of Saint Lucia with a strong emphasis on the transmission of history through the arts. The site offers a wide range of interviews of Saint Lucian writers and visual artists, including Derek Walcott, Kendel Hippolyte, John R. Lee and Vladimir Lucien, among others.

Create Caribbean

Founded by Schuyler K. Esprit, Create Caribbean Inc. facilitates digital practice and scholarship whilst developing interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary projects. Its mission is to make knowledge available to all people and to “preserve and disseminate Caribbean heritage and culture (…) Create Caribbean Inc. aims to develop the creative capacity of youth in Dominica and the Eastern Caribbean through a focus on education and research in the arts, humanities and social sciences.” (from Create Caribbean)

Puerto Rican Literature Project

A project formed by Puerto Rican scholars and artists based in Puerto Rico and the United States that digitises, archives, and makes available, through an open access site, Puerto Rican literature for the public. It holds “a bilingual digital database of approximately 50,000 digital assets (photographs, manuscripts, poems, videos, and other archival materials), a digital archive, and additional resources that document the material existence and experiences of key Puerto Rican writers in the archipelago and the diaspora.” project’s website). The project has been funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

The Caribbean Digital

An annual conference gathering scholars, artists and archivists exploring critical Caribbean digital scholarship and arts, initiated in 2014 and held in the Caribbean, and the US. Its team is formed by Alex Gil, Kaiama L. Glover and Kelly Baker Josephs. Many digital projects have emerged from the conference including a research-a-thon that led to the collective bibliography of Kamau Brathwaite, a collective translation of Aimé Césaire’s Notes of a Return to My Birthplace by Alex Gil and Kaiama Glover, a project on keywords for Caribbean Studies and a directory documenting Caribbean digital scholarship.

In the Same Boats

Text from the project’s website: “In the Same Boats is a work of multimodal scholarship designed to encourage the collaborative production of humanistic knowledge within scholarly communities. The platform comprises two interactive visualizations that trace the movements of significant cultural actors from the Caribbean and wider Americas, Africa, and Europe within the 20th century Afro-Atlantic world.” The project is led by Alex Gil and Kaiama L. Glover. Contributors include Marina Bilbija, Kelly Baker Josephs, Clara Pomi, Alex Gil, Kora Verón Leblé, Soyara Limare, Kaiama L. Glover, Roopika Risam, Joanna Dee Das, Laurent Dubois, Amanda Perry, Tao Goffe, Amanda Perry, Raphael Dalleo, Annette Joseph Gabriel. Designers: Buck Wanner, Emily Fuhrman, Alyssa Van, Dean Irvine, Bill Kennedy.


A Bibliographic resource of Caribbean science fiction and fantasy across literary genres, written by authors from the Caribbean. You can sign to their newsletter for updates on publications.

This bibliography, compiled by Antiguan author and editor Joanne C. Hillhouse who started it in 2005 for the Independence literary arts exhibition at the national Museum, and has continued the work since. The bibliography includes “books by Antiguan and Barbudan writers, both born and ‘adopted’, as well books by Antiguan descendents born elsewhere” (from website). This site offers three downloadable bibliographies compiled by Trinidadian writer George Parffit
From author’s website: “The BIBLIOGRAPHIES of West Indian Fiction and West Indian Poetry have been compiled over several years and are offered as free downloads. Details have been compiled from books in the author’s own collection, library catalogues and from on-line sources.”

“Bibliography of St. Lucian Creative Writing: poetry, prose, drama by St. Lucian writers 1948-2013.” Compiled and edited by John Robert Lee. Castries: Mahanaim Publishing & Cultural Development Foundation, 2013. 212 pgs. Illustrated. (Available online as an Ebook from Author House).

This bibliography has been compiled and updated by Saint Lucian writer and librarian John Robert Lee, and provides a breadth of selected texts  by writers across the anglophone Caribbean region and the diaspora, including some texts in English by authors originally from other linguistic areas, such as Edwidge Danticat and Simone Schwarz-Bart.

Ed. by John Robert Lee, and published by Papillote Press, 2019.

“This superb author index of poetry, prose and drama explores the writing landscape of Saint Lucia. Everyone – from the internationally acclaimed Derek Walcott to self-published unknowns – are there. But this bibliography is not just about literature, it also features the social, political and cultural dimensions of Saint Lucia, from scholarly essays to the ephemera of funeral pamphlets and recipe books. It turns a list into the life of a nation.”

This extensive and comprehensive bibliography of works by Caryl Phillips and publications on his writing, compiled by scholar Dr. Bénédicte Ledent, offers a unique insight and valuable resource for scholars of Phillips’ work, and Caribbean and Black British literature, film and theatre.

The Bibliography prepared by Kelly Baker Josephs and Teanu Reid is “a reworking and expansion of the “Kamau Brathwaite SX Bibliography” begun as a collective effort at the Caribbean Digital Researchathon in December 2014. It represents a snapshot of the bibliography’s progress up to the end of February 2018. The full collection exists as a living library on Zotero, and members may continue to add to and update it. Nonmembers may view and search the library; they may also use the tag function to reorganize entries according to various criteria (specific works, years, language, etc.)” sx salon

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