Caribbean Literary Heritage: Recovering the lost past and safeguarding the future is a three and half-year project funded by the Leverhulme Trust that explores the connections between the past, present and future of Caribbean literature and literary archives. Our project is the first to focus on the fragile literary heritage behind the celebrated field of contemporary Caribbean writing.

Our research focuses on Anglophone Caribbean Literature and, in particular, neglected writings by

  • women authors of the 1930s-1970s
  • writers who worked in education and educational publishing in the Caribbean
  • writers who were also journalists in the UK and the Caribbean
  • the future of the literary past, including
  • comparing the character and development of written and born-digital literary archives
  • researching how authors preserve and understand their archives today
  • mapping a fuller literary history of the region and where to find archival sources

Caribbean Literary Heritage will share its findings through several publications (books and academic articles), as well as through a variety of digital outposts:

LOCATION REGISTER - A research tool that will inform of the location of Caribbean writers’ literary papers. This is a novel effort to centralize and disseminate this information widely. It will also aim to include data relating to authors across the region and the diaspora.

BLOG – The blog is a space of sharing, communication and interaction, with the hope of engaging varied audiences and thus forming a strong community. Essays, stories and interviews in the blog will feature current debates, challenges, efforts and success in Caribbean literary and cultural heritage.