Recovering the past and safeguarding the future…

By fostering conversations between academics, authors and archivists we have been working to increase awareness about lesser-known or overlooked aspects of the Caribbean’s rich literary history. Through interviews, case studies, research on forgotten figures, maps of literary archives and commissions for new writing inspired by the archives, we are hoping to bring forward a fuller literary history of the Anglophone Caribbean and to encourage writers today to think about preserving their ‘papers’ in the digital age.

Our research is generously funded by the Leverhulme Trust.

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A to Z of forgotten Caribbean writers and books

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Phillis Shand Allfrey (1908-1986)

Vera Bell (1906-?)

Jesús Colón (1901-1974)

“Without memory, can there be history?”

M. NourbeSe Philip

Authors and their Archives

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Ten Questions

Caribbean authors discuss their views on the past, present and future of Caribbean writings